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Say goodbye to boring bridesmaid dresses with The MARILYN Collection custom handmade by Lovergirl Couture!  Discover our assortment of dark navy blue bridal party dresses and evening gowns for every occasion!  Lovergirl Couture offers our bridesmaid dresses in the deepest shade of midnight navy blue which will have your wedding party looking oh so glamorous on your special day.  Place your dress order today!

COLOR:  Midnight Navy Blue

Rhinestone Satin Sash and Petticoats are not included in price of dress, each sold separately. This dress is not intended as formal wear as it is constructed from a very casual cotton jersey stretch knit that looks great dressed up or down!  Please buy fabric swatches before placing your dress order with our studio.


GROUP DISCOUNT:  Take an extra 10% off your purchase of 2 or more dresses at LOVERGIRL COUTURE!  Enter Coupon Code: BRIDAL10 at checkout to receive your group discount on this gorgeous set!

BRIDAL PARTY ORDERS:  This set can absolutely be custom handmade in the quantity and color you need for your wedding day!  Email us to set up your custom reserved order today:

BRIDAL PARTY PACKAGES:  Our group orders are sold in packages that give you special pricing and select custom options for your group!  Buy just the dresses or outfit your whole squad with glamorous petticoats and sashes, the choice is yours!  See our packages below for full pricing and details:


LOVELY:  Just the dresses!  Purchase our LOVELY Set of 4 custom handmade MARILYN Bridesmaid Dresses with Retro Short Sleeves and Sweetheart Necklines.  Set includes your choice of our Standard Sizes in your preferred colors selected from our Ponte de Roma color chart (See photos for Color Options).  Dresses fall to our Longer Mid-Calf Length, measured 43" from top of shoulder to bottom hem.  Plus Size dress fee is waived on group orders!    Available in Sizes up to 6XL!   PRICE:  $359.99


STARLET:  Purchase our STARLET Set of 4 Custom Handmade MARILYN Bridesmaid Dresses with STARLET Organza Petticoats.  Dresses are equipped with 3-in-1 Multiway Capped Sleeves and Sweeteheart Necklines.  Set includes your choice of Standard Size in your preferred colors (see photos for our Color Charts).  Dresses fall to our Standard Knee Length 38" measured from top of shoulder to bottom hem.  Plus Size dress fee is waived on all group orders!  Available in Sizes up to 3XL!  PRICE:  $633.99


GLAMOROUS:  Purchase our Set of 4 custom handmade MARILYN Bridesmaid Dresses with coordinating VIVIEN Tulle Petticoats for an authentic 1950s fit n flared silhouette!  Choose Black or White tulle to give your girls an elegant look on your wedding day.  All dresses will be custom handmade in our Standard Sizes.  Dresses will have 3-in-1 Multi-Way Capped Sleeves and Sweetheart Necklines and fall to our Standard Knee length, measured 38" from top of shoulder to bottom hem.  Plus Size dress fee is waived on all group orders!  Available in Sizes up to 4XL!  PRICE:  $859.99



DELIVERY:  Please allow 12 weeks for Standard Delivery of your custom handmade MARILYN bridesmaid dresses.  Rush Order service is available for an additional fee to cover the additional time and labor needed to complete your group order in as little as 30 days!  Select your delivery time via the dropdown menu.


HOW TO ORDER:  Once you have all of your bridesmaids measurements and have selected the bridal package for your group:  We will need the following information to complete your group order.  Please write us a little note at checkout telling us each bridesmaids Name and Dress Size; in addition to any specific colors, custom size, custom length and accessories so that we can get it right the first time.  Thank you so much for choosing Lovergirl Couture for your wedding day, we can't wait to make your custom bridesmaid dresses!


Please have your measurements taken by a qualified seamstress before selecting your dress size.

  • Never measure yourself. Always have another person take your measurements, preferably an experienced tailor.
  • Never refer to sizing for other clothing pieces. A consistent guide does not exist between manufacturers, as many manufacturers often use "vanity sizing" as a psychological tool. Vanity sizing is both inaccurate and inappropriate for items that will require custom tailoring. Use physical measurements only per these instructions.
  • Keep the tape firm but not tight.
  • Make sure the tape is level around the area you are measuring.
  • Take measurements in inches to determine correct sizing

DESIGN YOUR DRESS TODAY!  Have your dresses made the way you want them with our custom necklines as shown on The Style Chart!  Click on the image below to customize your dresses and purchase your necklines, then add to cart along with your group order: 



**PLEASE note: Measurements are approximate, as garments are hand-sewn. As such, please allow +/- 1 inch in length variance.


(Misses Dress Size 00/0)

Bust: 28-31” (71 - 79 cm)

Waist: 24”(61 cm)

Hip: 35”


(Misses Dress Size 2/4)

Bust 32 - 33” (82 - 84 cm)

Waist:  25 - 26” (64 - 66 cm)

Hip:  36-37”


(Misses Dress Size 4/6)

Bust: 34 - 35” (86 - 89 cm)

Waist:  27 - 28” (69 - 71 cm)

Hip: 38”


(Misses Dress Size 6/8)

Bust: 36 - 38” (91 - 97 cm)

Waist: 29 - 30” (74 - 76 cm)

Hip:  39”-40”


(Misses Dress Size 12/14)

Bust: 38.5 - 40” (98 - 102 cm)

Waist:  31.5 - 33” (80 - 84 cm)

Hip: 41.5”-43”


(Misses Dress Size 16)

Bust: 41.5 - 43.5”  (106.5-112 cm)

Waist: 34.5 - 36.5” (88 - 93 cm)

Hip: 44.5”-46.5”


(Women’s Size 18)

Bust: 43 - 45” (109 - 114 cm)

Waist: 36 - 38”  (91 - 97 cm)

Hip: 46”-48”

(Women’s Dress Size 20)

Bust: 47 - 49” (119 - 124 cm)

Waist: 40 - 42” (102 - 107 cm)

Hip: 50”-52”


(Women’s Dress Size 22/24)

Bust: 51-53” (130 - 135 cm)

Waist: 44 - 46” (112 - 117 cm)

Hip: 54”-56”


(Women’s Dress Size 26/28)

Bust: 52-54" (132 -137 cm)

Waist:  48-50” (122 - 127 cm)

Hip:  58”- 60”


(Women’s Dress Size 30/32)

Bust: 60-63” (152-160 cm)

High Waist: 53”-56” ( 135 - 142 cm)

Hip: 63”-66”


(Women’s Dress Size 34/36)

Bust:  66”

Waist:  59”

Hip:  69”


CUSTOM SIZE:   If you fall inbetween sizes or prefer to have your dresses made to your exact measurements, please click on the image below to purchase a Custom Size fee and then add to cart along with your group order of dresses to complete your order:


POCKETS:   Add on a set of pockets to your dresses!  Click on the image below to purchase a set of our exquisite pockets that are deep enough to carry your phone, lipstick or tissues!

CUSTOM COLORS:  Thave your Bridesmaid Dresses custom handmade in a different color than the one shown, please see our Color Chart below, then write us a little note at checkout requesting the color(s) you desire as shown on the Casual Cotton Jersey Color Chart. 

FABRIC SWATCHES:  So many dresses, so little time!  Purchase our Fabric Swatches to share with your Bridesmaids and mix & match your wedding colors with ease!  Click on the image below to select your favorite colors and purchase our Ponte de Roma stretch knit swatches:


TULLE PETTICOAT:  Add on a Tulle Petticoat for an authentic 1950s Wedding Look!  Our Vivien Tulle Petticoats are offered in Misses and Plus Sizes up to 4XL!  Click on the image below to add to cart and purchase along with your dresses:


THE ULTIMATE PETTICOAT:  Take your wedding look to new heights with our Ultimate Petticoat!  Add skyrocketing look to your swing dress with this decadent pettiocoat complete with 8 layers of bridal quality tulle for magnificent swish to your sway!  Available in Misses and Plus Sizes XXS-3XL only.  Click on the image below to add to cart along with your Chloe Wedding Dress:


BELLA SATIN RIBBON SASH:  Mix and Match your wedding party colors with our Bella Satin Ribbon Sash, custom handmade in Austin, TX!  Choose from 14 luxurious colors.  Click on the image below to select your colors and add to cart along with your group order of dresses:


THE CHARLOTTE HAIR FLOWER CLIP:  Complete your look perfectly with The Charlotte 2-in-1 Multi-Way Hair Flower Clip (doubles as a brooch pin!!) Pin this darling hair flower clip anywhere you please!  Click on the image below to select your favorite colors then add to cart along with your Marilyn Bridesmaid Group Order:


CUSTOM LENGTH:  Want to have your dresses made a little shorter or longer?  We can absolutely create your custom lengths for an additional fee.  Please click on the image below to purchase your custom lengths as needed, then add to cart along with your group order of dresses:










Model: Actual client photo!  The bride chose Midnight Navy Blue in The MARILYN Collection for her wedding party from Lovergirl Couture.  

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